STEP 1: Prior to Listing the Site

Before it's time to list your property for sale or lease there are a few steps to take care of. The first step is to research comparable properties to gather important data, such as comparable lease rates or prices. The next step is to research possible tenants and buyers to find customers that will be able to best utilize your site. The final step is to create a marketing plan for your site to ensure it gets in front of the best buyer or tenant.

STEP 2: Property is Put on the Market

Once the property is on the market there are a few things we do to make the sales process as quick and easy as possible. We give the owner 24/7 Online Access. It is your property after all. You have electronic access to your property listing to ensure the information you need is always at your fingertips. We also ensure to keep up with the status of any prospects we may have for your property. We know that even the most interested buyer can be lost because of a neglectful listing agent, and we strive to follow up with all interested prospects.

STEP 3: Working With the Prospect

Finding a potential buyer/tenant is the most exciting part of the listing process, it is also the most delicate. The wrong prospect can be disasterous for the property owner, that is why we take steps to ensure that any prospect is perfect for your site. We do this by prequalifying any prospects, and collecting any financial data we need to get all the information we need to provide the owner with maximum comfort in lease transactions.