About Us

McKelvey Properties was established in 1988 for the purpose of securing locations for small businesses. Since then the company has expanded our capabilities while adding a new team of well-respected professionals who will enhance the expertise in office, industrial and retail brokerage and facilities management. We are committed to being the most comprehensive, useful and informative resource for our real estate clients.

McKelvey Properties’ combination of experience, talent and commitment enables us to take any real estate transaction from concept to completion, providing a full range of real estate services, including transaction, management and consultative service to users and investors.

McKelvey Properties combination of a highly motivated team of Commercial Real Estate Agents and the outstanding support of its’ office personnel has become the preferred choice for Commercial Real Estate Representation in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Building Relationships. Creating Wealth.

McKelvey Properties is Missouri’s premier, full service retail real estate brokerage company, specializing in neighborhood, community and retail strip shopping centers. Since its inception in 1988, the guiding concept of the company has been to provide a full complement of real estate services in its area of particular expertise. From site identification to store opening or lease up, McKelvey Properties possesses full vertical integration of the entire spectrum of retail real estate services. Uniquely successful in today’s competitive market, McKelvey Properties remains the region’s dominant force in the retail real estate brokerage business.

Experience-Based Market Knowledge

McKelvey Properties provides the most in-depth commercial real estate market analysis and knowledge across multiple property types including office, retail, land and Industrial for the St. Louis Metropolitan area & surrounding counties.Our team of experienced professionals combined with 25 years of strong business growth has made McKelvey Properties a leader in the Industry. Our focus is on growing with our clients to serve their specific needs and to build strong networks.

Our competitive advantage is our thorough understanding of local business, laws, real estate trends and a solid client base.

Employment Environment

At McKelvey Properties we believe our employees are our biggest assets. A winning career doesn’t come without a plan. We offer our employees direct support in the areas they need to build success quickly. We provide our employees with in-depth industry training and offer newest technology to help them stay ahead. Our company environment is relaxed, professional and result-orientated. Our team is a combination of highly motivated Commercial Real Estate Agents, dedicated property managers, and an outstanding office support, including both marketing and maintenance.

McKelvey Properties prides themselves on the staff they keep and the relationships they build. Our smooth day-to-day experiences run over into our interactions with our clients both on the brokerage and property management sides of the business. 

We’re proud to say that we hire the best and brightest in the industry. We are the experts. We build the right connections for outsourcing. Trusting McKelvey Properties means that you no longer have to try to be the expert. You no longer have to try to have all of the answers. Trust us. Our experts have you covered.

Employment Philosophy

McKelvey Properties has been around for over 25 years and it has seen growth each year. A major contribution to this success has been our hard working employees who dedicate their time and efforts in making this company great. We empower our employees by offering great benefits, training, tools and hands on experience with the projects. Our philosophy and motto has always been focused in building relationships and creating wealth for our clients and the same goes for our employees.